Monday, February 21, 2011

The Whine

We have entered into a new phase with the monkey. The phase of the whine! is terrible. I have no patience for simply dives me batty!

The monkey is smart, independent, and just a little stubborn (OK, a lot stubborn, she get's it from me :( ). The problem is, she isn't talking yet. So, this is a little girl knows what she wants, but can't communicate it. I can only imagine how frustrating it is for her. We have taught her some sign language, but only a few words, which are no longer sufficient. So, her default has become the whine and point.

For me, the whining is something we need to put a stop to ASAP. I know that rewarding the whine by responding to it will only reinforce it. However, I am not sure how to stop it. I ignore it as much as I can. Sometimes that helps and sometimes that stops it, but not enough of the time. I ask her to use her words and sometimes she makes the right sounds and/or signs, but since she doesn't know enough that doesn't always help either.

So, here's my question how do you stop the whining at this stage? I am open to any suggestions!

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